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And this is only beginning!!!For example you have $95 from daily earnings for yesterday, you bay ads and make up almost $50 profit+today daily earnings…and so every day…again…and again

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I give support and advices to all my referrals. If you join with my link, I will be available to chat with you on Skype or by e-mail, about PaidVerts and other online business opportunities.

paidVerts-bannerHow It Works?

PaidVerts is a Paid-To-Click site that was launched in March 31, 2014 by the crowdfunding platform mytrafficvalue. It is a revolutionary new PTC concept that allows users to earn more than on traditional PTCs. The daily earnings here are higher compared to any other PTC sites and as users prove their value they can start earning more and more for their clicks. Thousands of users are earnings 1$+ daily here and the biggest users are earning even up to 1000$/daily, just for viewing advertisements! Because of these high earnings and users clicking on ads that can be 1$+ worth, PaidVerts is also known as “The first PTC that pays in dollars”.

How much can you earn at PaidVerts?

PaidVerts model is based on the Bonus Ad Points(also known as BAP) system – the more BAP you accumulate the more you have proved your value and the more you will be paid to interact with advertisers. Each 1 BAP gives you 0.0005$ of earning potential – get 2000 BAP and you will receive ads worth 1$ in total, get 1000000 BAP and you will receive 500$ worth of ads in total, get 20 000 000 BAP and you will receive 10 000$ worth of ads in total… you get the idea.


You can accumulate BAP for free by clicking on activation ads, starting at 400 BAP daily(0.2$ worth) then this gets reduced to 200 BAP daily(0.1$ worth) after first 100 25 BAP ads clicked. Starting of you will be able to earn 0.05$ cents daily, but keep building up your BAP for a few weeks and you will start entering the BAP groups(starting at 1600 BAP), where users are sent much bigger ads to click on and things get interesting!

You require a minimum of 1600 BAP in order to receive our higher value “daily ad issues”. 

Each day, we sum up all the available funds from recent ad purchases, and then we allocate that money between our users according to how much BAP they have. This system aims to reward “proven valuable” users as much as possible, to try and encourage more valuable users to use PaidVerts, that our advertisers are really interested in paying to communicating with. 

Read our daily forum news, to see exactly how much each “BAP GROUP” receives in paid ads each day (it varies enormously, depending upon advertiser availability):

income per day
enter group
BAP Group 0
100 – 1599
до $0,22
BAP Group 1
1600 – 12000
до $0,80
BAP Group 2
12000 – 24000
до $1,5
BAP Group 3
24тыс – 48тыс
 до $2,5
BAP Group 4
48тыс – 96тыс
до $3,9
BAP Group 5
96тыс – 180тыс
до $6
BAP Group 6
180тыс – 360тыс
до $9
BAP Group 7
360тыс – 720тыс
до $14
BAP Group 8
720тыс – 1,5млн
до $24
BAP Group 9
1,5млн – 3млн
до $48
BAP Group 10
3млн – 6млн
до $95
BAP Group 11
6млн – 20млн
до $155
BAP Group 12
до $500
BAP Group 13
до $1046
BAP Group 14
до $3252

PaidVerts-banerHow to start earning a lot at PaidVerts?

Now obviously just clicking on the free BAP ads will not get you past the first few groups. So how can you get into the higher groups, where you will start earning 0.5$+ daily at PaidVerts?

You can buy ad packs where each 1$ ad packs gets you quality advertising (50x 30 second visits to your website and 150 banner impressions) and most importantly also gives you 3100 BAP, which means that for every 1$ ad pack you buy you will unlock earning potential of 1.55$! Essentialy for every 1$ you will be sent 1.55$ ads as soon as possible – basically free advertising and you even earn a profit for it!

The great thing is that even free members can build up their BAP by buying an ad pack each time they accumulate 1$ in earnings – don’t cashout your first dollar, invest it in growing your BAP. Repeat this for a few weeks, months and you will be earning 0.5$+ daily! I have many referrals who started of for free and are now earning 1$+ daily, so it’s definitely worth co mpoun ding your earning for a while.

Remember: More BAP=More HIGH VALUE ADS

Referring is unlimited at PaidVerts!!!

If you’re coming from PTCs you will be pleasantly surprised when you see that PaidVerts has no limits on direct referrals! You can refer thousands of friends and earn commissions from their clicks and purchases.

And those commissions are huge:

10% of every ad purchased by your referrals(if they purchase 100$ worth of ads you get 10$ in commissions)

5% of their ad clicks(If they click on a 10$ ad you get 0.5$ in commissions)

You can see how huge these commissions can be by checking out paidverts’ top earners list.

PaidVerts review and Strategy guide!

-FREE members can start out earning 0.20$ day and grow their accounts

-Huge Payment Processor Selection

-Withdraw to any processor you like (whether or not you deposited using that processor)

-Easy to navigate, custom script

First off all, change the captcha (My Account – Account Data – Preferred Captcha – Switch to Google) – this captca is much better.

How to watch ads:


Maximizing Your Earning Potential:

As a starter:

1) Click all ads daily no matter how small they are(Including the 8 activation ads) and don’t waste your BAP by recyclicng ads. Recyclicng low valued ads as starter can give you poor reputation for advertisers and might give you lesser ads in the end.

2) When you still have atleast 200 BAP left try to spend that to request and get additional 6 Micro Ad Packs containing 12 paid ads with values ranging from $0.0005 – $0.0125 with total values of $0.025 daily. You have $0.15 guaranteed earnings daily for spending 300 BAP.

PaidVerts-paid ads

3) In 5-6 days you save up 1 dollar for the first purchase of advertizing

4) Repeat many times.

As an Investor:

1) $10 investment(10,5×3100=31,000 BAP) is a good start but the most ideal would be from $30-$100 if you want to get your investment back faster and earn more profit in a short time.

2) The return of investment is at 150% so the higher your investment the higher the return. Computation: $1 = 3100 BAP ; 1 BAP = $0.0005 ; 3100 x $0.0005 = $1.55 and that is 150% of your investment.


PaidVerts Strategy Guide for FREE Users:

1) Click the activation Bonus Ad Point ads until you have earned 5 cents and 2500 BAP.

2) Go to the “My Account” page, scroll down and buy the $.05 upgrade to get the extra recycled ads.

3) Every day, click the free 25 BAP ads. When you reach $1.05 you buy a new $1.05 ad pack. Renew the $.05 recycle upgrade each day.

4) Repeat many times.

Tips to earn more with PaidVerts:

You want BAP. As much as possible. The higher the BAP level you are, the higher the dollar amount of ads you will receive. On average, in order to get ads worth $1+ each day, you should have around 50k to 100K of BAP ($16 – $32 worth of ad packs).

In 2-3 months of work from scratch it is possible to reach 7-8 groups with the income in 6-8 dollars a day!!!

PaidVerts Features

Understanding Bonus Ad Points (BAP).

This is probably the most important part of PaidVerts. In order to get the higher paying ads, you need to have a high enough amount of BAP. As a general rule of thumb, in order to start receiving $1+ ads each day, you need to have roughly 100,000 BAP (Right around $32 worth of adpacks if you were to buy them outright).

As you get new ads to view each day your BAP will decrease so you will want to start reinvesting a portion of your earnings in order to keep your BAP levels wherever you choose- $1 adpack gets you 3100 more BAP. If you reinvest just over 2/3 of your earnings you will keep your BAP at the same level.

Ad Filter – If you’d like to prevent low value ads from being issued to your account, and consuming your Bonus Ad Points, you can adjust the filter below. The ad filter costs $10 to buy. It lasts forever! And you can change the filter setting up/down as many times as you like, free of charge. Understand that the ad filter only blocks low value ads. It will not magically deliver high value ads to your account all of a sudden. It just blocks the low value ones – thereby you’ll earn a bit less each day than without the ad filter. Accumulating more BAP and demonstrating value to advertisers via your profile data, are the only ways to receive higher value ads.


Super User Upgrade:

Mini Upgrade (2.99$): These will deliver all 1% ads ranging in values from $0.01 to $0.49 each. Eg. You will get all the 1% ads from all ad purchases of $1-$49 made over the next 7days. (Shared between any other upgraded users). Get more info here: It isn’t recommended to buy if you have less than 200 000 BAP.

Mega Upgrade (19.99$): These will deliver all 1% ads ranging in values from $0.50 and up! Eg. You will get all the 1% ads from all ad purchases of $50+ made over the next 7days. (Shared between any other upgraded users). Get more info here: It isn’t recommended to buy if you have less than 3 million BAP.

How to Buy Ads:

PaidVerts-pokypka reklamu

Conclusion – Why I Feel PaidVerts will be Massive in 2015 and Beyond:

1) Quality Traffic. Let’s face it, most PTC traffic is made up of fee users who aren’t really gonna be buying anything from the advertiser’s website. PaidVerts attracts bigger spending advertisers by virtue of bigger paying ads – and the only way to receive the bigger paying ads is by having as much BAP as possible. And you guessed it, having BAP requires money. Once the “Targeted Advertising” part of the program is fully functional advertisers will be able to target their ads to any level user they like.

image0182) Free members can earn: Paidverts offers a unique opportunity for free members to start with little to zero money and work their way up to substantial earnings. This can be achieved by interacting with ads, referring others or a combination of both. BAP distribution levels and account milestone bonuses bring even more punch to the party.

3) Reasonable Daily Returns: Daily payouts are dependent on daily revenues so they can and will fluctuate. There isn’t the huge burden of paying out something crazy like 5% daily or similar if sales from the day before cannot support paying out that much.

4) Outside Income Sources: 50% of every ad pack purchased is invested into MyTrafficValue’s 250% Fast Track plan – or – is used to purchase shares that are immediately listed at 2.5x the cost. Once these investments or shares mature they are then paid out to PaidVerts users in the daily returns. This always keeps a nice flow of fresh funds coming back into the program.

5) Last but not least, we have the experienced admin and programming team of MyTrafficValue. Stay tuned for more updates as the site and program evolve into what I think will be one of the absolute industry giants for a few years.

Good luck and BIG earnings!!!!!!

Cashout. Minimum is $2. Payment systems: PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, Neteller, OkPay, Payeer.


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